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As a cradle of ancient cultural, food and wine traditions, the Valdichiana is not just a valley, but a real lifestyle.

Authenticity and folklore are the ingredients that characterize this outstanding territory, capable of fascinating even the toughest of souls thanks to historical re-enactments, peasant feasts, artistic initiatives and flavors that recall the Tuscan agricultural spirit.

"Ri-conoscere la chianina"

“Ri-conoscere la Chianina” is not a cooking lesson, but a sensory experience.

The event, organized in collaboration with the “Consorzio di Tutela del Vitellone Bianco dell'Appennino Centrale” (Consortium for the Protection of the White Steer of the Central Apennines), intends to analyze various cuts of the most famous bovine breed in the world to teach how to choose quality meat.

Steak is the best known and most consumed cut of meat in restaurants, thus it is the suitable choice for an educational experience that allows you to test your knowledge of the quality of the meat and its

In addition to defining the quality parameters of the meat and the methods of its evaluation, we will try to recognize the authentic Chianina through a sensory test that will take into consideration the meat of several breeds.

As a product that represents the value of a territory, we can’t limit Chianina to its gastronomic aspects, but instead focus on its cultural value as well. We will discover how important it is, even in the field of meat, a correct education that will help us to choose more consciously and to protect ourselves, both in the butchery and in the restaurant, from those who inappropriately sell meat for Chianina IGP.

Stalle di Chianina Aperte

Visiting the stables of the Chianina breed is an opportunity to learn more about these animals and get in direct contact with them, but also to get to know the farmers who carry out an ancient profession projected into a modern world;

a work handed down from generation to generation and which allows us to admire the largest bovine in the world in its homeland.

It will be an opportunity to listen firsthand to farmers of the companies involved tell you about their own distinctive features that sets them apart in the zootechnical panorama. “Stalle di Chianina Aperte” is not just a visit to the farms, but an opportunity to support local farmers, admire the landscape of the Valdichiana and taste locally sourced products

The culinary experiences from Valdichiana

Home of fine food and vintage wine, the Valdichiana boasts one of the most appreciated food and wine traditions in Italy.

In the villages and towns of the valley it is still possible to find restaurants and trattorias where the typical products are cooked in the manner of old-school housewives, in the frame of a territory that still smells like wheat, vineyards and olive oil.

The Chianina steak is the very symbol of the valley, as well as one of the most representative dishes of the entire area, to be combined with the famous Syrah from Cortona and the red wines from Montepulciano.

The flavours of the ancient cuisine also come to life thanks to rustic recipes such us handmade pici all'aglione, the well-known porchetta of Monte San Savino, the Cinta Senese cold cuts and the painstaking processing of pecorino cheese.

The folklore of Valdichiana

Thanks to the magic of festivals and the charm of re-enactments, folklore is the soul of the towns and villages of the Valdichiana with a calendar of events for all ages entertaining audiences from January to December.

Every weekend you can discover a different aspect of the Valdichiana, including historical events, festivals dedicated to traditional products and historical re-enactments.

Ranging from the Carnival of Foiano, whose first traces date back to 1539, to the Palio dei Somari in Torrita di Siena, from the explosion of colors of the Maggiolata of Lucignano to the Giostra dell'Archidado in Cortona passing through widespread events such as the Maggio Castiglionese,

the Valle del Gigante Bianco in Bettolle and the artistic-musical festivals that animate the entire territory.

The Valdichiana is also the valley of crafts and antiques markets, making it a lively area with an unmistakable personality.