Arezzo - Civitella

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Arezzo - Civitella

Km - Percorso in bici

After a visit to the splendid town of Arezzo, the route continues towards Civitella in Valdichiana, on the border between the valley of the same name and the Valdambra. The 32 km stretch is for the most part easily practicable, as the first half runs along the “Sentiero della Valdichiana”: the historic road used for the maintenance of the “Canale Maestro della Chiana”, which connects Arezzo to Chiusi and which today is a pleasant nature trail suitable for everyone. The path ends canonically at the Chiusa dei Monaci, a remarkable hydraulic work 800 meters from our main route. A visit is recommended, if you have not yet had the opportunity. Starting from this structure we proceed towards the south, encountering on our path other monument of significant interest linked to the history of this waterway: the “Porto e Ponte alla Nave” (“Nave” Bridge and Harbor), strategic in connecting the Valdarno and Val di Chiana and for transporting products coming from the Grand Ducal Farms; Ponti d’Arezzo (Bridges of Arezzo), a structure that, in addition to guaranteeing transit, had gates to regulate the floods. Arriving at the magnificent expanses of apples, pears, peaches and plums of the Illuminati Company, you exit the cycle path to return to the asphalted road in the direction of Spoiano. Fruit and vegetable crops, the flagship of agricultural production in these areas, continue to accompany us on the secondary roads of the towns of Tegoleto and Alberoro, mingling with the familiar olive groves and vineyards. Following the tree-lined road of Spoiano, turn immediately right after the A1 bridge in the direction of Albergo, a village part of Civitella. Here is one of the stops of the Arezzo-Sinalunga railway line, which allows you to move around the Valdichiana also taking advantage of bike transport. The route continues in the tranquility of the rural landscape. At the point where Via del Leprone joins the SP21, you begin to see the profile of the historic center of Civitella from which the fortress of the ancient castle stands out. The slow ascent towards the hill begins, softened by the alternation of woods and olive groves. The effort of the last stretch will be rewarded by the beauty of the landscape admired from the various panoramic points of Civitella and by the fascinating atmosphere of this village forged by centuries of history, from the Lombard period to the Second World War: a medieval fortress whose community was awarded the gold medal for civil valor following the Nazi massacre and that commemorates his martyrs with an exhibition hall dedicated to their memory.

Type of route Mixed traffic road, Bike path

16 km

Excellent (bike path or less than 50 motor vehicles/day

12.4 km

Good (50 to 500 motor vehicles/day)

0.9 km

Fair (500 to 1000 motor vehicles/day)

0.02 km

Sufficient (1000 to 1500 motor vehicles/day)

1.5 km

Poor (1500 a 2500 motor vehicles/day)

1.2 km

Critical (more than 2500 motor vehicles/day)

Distance (km) 32
Altitude min (m asl) 237
Altitude max (m asl) 504
Elevation gain (m) 407
Elevation loss (m) 170
Cumulative elevation (m) 577
Level of difficulty Moderate (Easy for the first 27km, Challenging in the last 5 km)
Main road surface Asphalt 65%; Unpaved road 35%
Types of bike MTB, GRAVEL
Interesting sites Arezzo, Chiusa dei Monaci (800 meters from the main route along the “Sentiero della Bonifica”), Albergo, Civitella in Valdichiana


Altitude profile