Marciano - Foiano Path Reclamation

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Marciano - Foiano Path Reclamation

Km - Percorso in bici

Leaving Marciano, the route continues for a short stretch of 8.5 km in the territory of the municipality of Foiano. The first place of interest we find is the village of Pozzo della Chiana, whose most characteristic building is the Church of San Biagio. Built entirely in exposed brick with travertine decorations, the facade is partially covered by a portico with round arches. Leaving the town and continuing along the path, shortly after the sports field we meet on the right another monument of great historical interest: the Temple of Santo Stefano della Vittoria. This was built in 1569 by Cosimo I de 'Medici to commemorate his victory here on August 2, 1554, when the Spanish-Florence army defeated the French-Siena army in what is known as the Battle of Scannagallo, an event that was fundamental to arrive at the transfer of the territories of Siena to the Medici family and subsequently led to the birth of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The stretch continues across the cultivated plain to the bridge that crosses the Canale Maestro della Chiana. It is therefore advisable to detour to the village of Foiano for a refreshing stop, to discover another important town of the Valdichiana.

Foiano has been inhabited since the time of the Etruscan civilization which was followed by a period of Roman domination, as evidenced by the discovery of a nymphaeum in the locality of "Cisternella". The historic district of the town is rich in civil and religious architecture, which preserve a rich artistic heritage, including various examples of Della Robbia ceramics. While part of the heritage of the local Etruscan necropolis of San Francesco is kept in private collections or in museums such as the MAEC in Cortona, some of the finds are exhibited in the Church-museum of the Fraternita di Santa Maria. Throughout the historic district the red color of the terracotta bricks stands out, as demonstrated by the splendid conformation of Piazza della Collegiata. Here, in addition to the precious Church of Saints Martino and Leonardo from which it takes its name, we can admire the ancient city walls.

Type of route Mixed traffic road

1.8 km

Excellent (bike path or less than 50 motor vehicles/day

4.2 km

Good (50 to 500 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Fair (500 to 1000 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Sufficient (1000 to 1500 motor vehicles/day)

2.5 km

Poor (1500 a 2500 motor vehicles/day)

0.01 km

Critical (more than 2500 motor vehicles/day)

Distance (km) 8.5
Altitude min (m asl) 243
Altitude max (m asl) 316
Elevation gain (m) 034
Elevation loss (m) 107
Cumulative elevation (m) 141
Level of difficulty Easy
Main road surface Asphalt 80%; Unpaved road 20%
Types of bike MTB, GRAVEL
Interesting sites Marciano della Chiana, Pozzo della Chiana, Cimitero di guerra inglese, Foiano della Chiana (1.5km south of the main route), Sentiero della Bonifica


Altitude profile