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Km - Percorso in bici

From Chiusi the route continues towards Valiano, the end point of this section. The stretch is very easy and runs mostly along the “Sentiero della Bonifica”. In this leg of the journey you can admire the beauty of Valdichiana by following the course of the ancient river Clanis, today Canale Maestro della Chiana, which for millennia has influenced the fate of this flourishing and fragile valley. You cross the lakes of Chiusi and Montepulciano (also a Nature Reserve where you can do birdwatching), two relics of the ancient Pliocene lake of the Valdichiana. Here you can enjoy relaxing moments along the way and take advantage of the picnic areas. Shortly after the Lake of Montepulciano, the route leaves the “Sentiero della Bonifica” to head towards Valiano, an ancient castle strategically located on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. After stopping in the village for some sightseeing, it is worth visiting an important and suggestive hydraulic work of the Clanis, known as “Callone di Valiano”. Recently renovated, the structure was built in 1723 to regulate the water level of the lakes of Montepulciano and Chiusi, and ensure the navigability of the Canale Maestro, which for a long time represented the main transport route for agricultural products to Arezzo and Florence.

Type of route Mixed traffic road

16.3 km

Excellent (bike path or less than 50 motor vehicles/day

2.8 km

Good (50 to 500 motor vehicles/day)

4.2 km

Fair (500 to 1000 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Sufficient (1000 to 1500 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Poor (1500 a 2500 motor vehicles/day)

1.2 km

Critical (more than 2500 motor vehicles/day)

Distance (km) 24.5
Altitude min (m asl) 247
Altitude max (m asl) 302
Elevation gain (m) 127
Elevation loss (m) 078
Cumulative elevation (m) 205
Level of difficulty Easy
Main road surface Asphalt 22%; Unpaved road 78%
Types of bike MTB, GRAVEL
Interesting sites Chiusi Stazione, Chiusi città (6 min. by bike from Chiusi Station), Lake of Chiusi, Lake of Montepulciano, Valiano, Callone di Valiano (5 min by bike from Valiano along the “Sentiero della Bonifica”).


Altitude profile