Frassineto - Chiusa dei Monaci

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Frassineto - Chiusa dei Monaci

Km - Percorso in bici

From Frassineto the route continues for about 14 km towards Arezzo, one of the main bike-train interchange hub of the White Giant route. Before continuing on the main route, if you have not already done so during the previous stage, you can make a detour of 2 km by taking the SP23 to visit the Villa di Fontarronco from the opposite side to the Tenuta di Frassineto of the Canale Maestro della Chiana. The first part of this section runs mainly on a dirt road, immersing itself in the cultivated fields. Despite being close to the town of Arezzo, this flat stretch allows you to enjoy the quiet ambience and the colors of the countryside, passing in the proximity of typically Tuscan farmhouses still inhabited or used as accommodation facilities. After proceeding along Via dei Mori up to the Equestrian Center, cross the bridge over the SS680 and enter the area of S. Zeno: after 3 km the path turns right running parallel to the Canale Maestro della Chiana in Ponte a Chiani until you reach the roundabout leading to Arezzo. A town of pre-Etruscan origin with splendid civil and religious architectural works, it is known for being the birthplace of many outstanding personalities, such as Vittorio Fossombroni, who developed a systematic reclamation plan for the Valdichiana commissioned by the Grand Duke Peter Leopold I of Lorraine in 1788. Among the town’s many places of interest stands out the National Archaeological Museum, located along the perimeter of the remains of the Roman Amphitheater in the city center, which boasts a vast collection of finds from the Etruscan and Roman period. Before heading towards the center of Arezzo, it is worth taking a detour of 800 meters towards the Chiusa dei Monaci, an admirable hydraulic work built around 1151 by the friars of the monastery S. Flora and Lucilla of Arezzo with the function of regulating the outflow of the waters of the marshy area of ​​the Valdichiana towards the Arno.

Type of route Mixed traffic road

0 km

Excellent (bike path or less than 50 motor vehicles/day

9.6 km

Good (50 to 500 motor vehicles/day)

3.6 km

Fair (500 to 1000 motor vehicles/day)

0.6 km

Sufficient (1000 to 1500 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Poor (1500 a 2500 motor vehicles/day)

0.02 km

Critical (more than 2500 motor vehicles/day)

Distance (km) 13.8
Altitude min (m asl) 239
Altitude max (m asl) 255
Elevation gain (m) 046
Elevation loss (m) 053
Cumulative elevation (m) 099
Level of difficulty Easy
Main road surface Asphalt 35%; Unpaved road 65%
Types of bike MTB, GRAVEL
Interesting sites Frassineto, Chiusa dei Monaci (800 m from the main route along the Sentiero della Bonifica), Arezzo


Altitude profile