Lucignano - Marciano

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Lucignano - Marciano

Km - Percorso in bici

This stretch of just 7 km is easy to follow and leads from the village of Lucignano to that of Marciano della Chiana.

Going down the SP19 towards Monte San Savino, after about 800 meters in the middle of the U-turn, exit the main road towards the Savinanza and Poschini areas. The paved road slowly gives way to the country road that winds through olive groves and cultivated fields. Arriving at the fork near the A1 motorway, continue left towards Marciano. Turning right, you arrive at the Lucignano railway station, the bike-train interchange hub on the Arezzo-Sinalunga line, which is 630 meters from this point in a straight line. After crossing the bridge over the Esse stream, go along via Molino for about 1.7 km until you reach the center of Marciano.

This area was already inhabited since the time of the Etruscans, as evidenced by the findings in the surrounding countryside of stone sculptures, now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Arezzo. Following the swamping of the Valdichiana, the local population moved from the flat to the hilly area. The modern village of Marciano della Chiana has developed within what was once a military castle. As evidence of this, the tower and fortress of the castle remain, while the perimeter of the walls is now incorporated into the houses. Marciano is above all famous for having been at the center of the battle of Scannagallo, which in 1554 marked the turning point in the Siena War with a negative outcome for Siena, forced to surrender definitively to the Florentines five years later.

Type of route Mixed traffic road

3.3 km

Excellent (bike path or less than 50 motor vehicles/day

0.5 km

Good (50 to 500 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Fair (500 to 1000 motor vehicles/day)

2.1 km

Sufficient (1000 to 1500 motor vehicles/day)

0 km

Poor (1500 a 2500 motor vehicles/day)

1 km

Critical (more than 2500 motor vehicles/day)

Distance (km) 6.9
Altitude min (m asl) 256
Altitude max (m asl) 394
Elevation gain (m) 094
Elevation loss (m) 164
Cumulative elevation (m) 258
Level of difficulty Easy
Main road surface Asphalt
Types of bike MTB, GRAVEL, RACE
Interesting sites Lucignano, Marciano della Chiana


Altitude profile